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Return and exchange:

Customer service is a top priority for us.

If you are unhappy with your order due to manufacturing defects, or there is some kind of problem about the item, please notify us within 3 days of receiving your order. I will do my best to ensure that you have a great experience with my shop. In case of a return, 20% of full item purchase price would be deducted and remaining amount would be refunded. This amount is to cover part of labor, since I am not a store with inventory and all my items are custom made to order. Any item that shows any signs of wear, alterations, or damaged in any way will not be acceptable for return. Customized orders are not returnable/refundable.

Please read: Fine Jewelry is subjected to wear and tear. This is particularly true for rings since hands are regularly subjected to considerable movement and impact. Some of common jewelry issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects:

- Lost stone or a stone has fallen out due to chipping or breaking caused by normal wear or other damage.

- Bent, caught or worn out prongs(s) allowing a stone to fall out or be lost due to normal wear or other damage.

- Prongs and precious metals, in general, wear over time and may require restoration work as normal wear.

- Discoloration due to exposure to chemicals. (Make-up, perfumes, lotions, swimming pools, hot tubs, bathing)

Shipping policy Shipping is FREE for US zip codes and orders ship via Priority mail with Insurance and Confirmation. Most of products usually ship in 10-15 business days or less. I do my best to create the piece and ship it within 15 business days but sometimes it takes longer to make sure diamonds, gemstones and the piece have good quality so please consider 10-15 business days before shipping the item. Look for a shipment confirmation email. International shipping is also available.

Dear International customers please note that applicable taxes and import duties are the sole responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable in case of any returns.

JEWELRY CARE AND CLEANING TIPS Below are a few simple tips to significantly reduce tarnishing, clouding and damage to your jewelry: 1- Clean jewelry after each use with a polishing cloth or any type of soft cloth in order to remove dirt, oil, etc. You can also soak your jewelry for a few seconds in warm soapy water and gently brush it with a toothbrush. This will also enable you to clean hard-to-reach spaces around the stone setting. 2- In order to minimize contact with hand creams, lotions, hair sprays and etc., put your jewelry on last to minimize dullness, clouding and tarnishing. 3- Do not wear your jewelry while working with household chemicals. If you do come in contact with chemicals, wash your jewelry immediately with warm water and soap, and dry thoroughly. This will help to reduce any potential damage. Also avoid swimming pools and hot tub while wearing your jewelry since chlorine can compromise the surface of the stone and potentially cause discoloration on some stones. 4- Based on your daily activity and wear level you should have the jewelry inspected 1 or 2 times a year, polished and cleaned. The job is fast and inexpensive. 5- MOST IMPORTANTLY PLEASE REMEMBER: One of the most significant problems that could arise from daily wear and tear is the loosening of prongs. One of the simplest method to check at home is to touch and softly hitting the diamond/stone with your fingernails and you should not see any movements of the diamond/stone. If so then put the ring in jewelry box – Safe place and check the ring with local jeweler or contact me immediately.

Most of the jewelers even if you have bought the ring from another jeweler will do the repairs. Jobs of these nature are not technically hard and can be done while you wait. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Please contact us if you need a bulk quantity of an item (2 or more) for gift-giving or the like. We'd be happy to discuss bulk-buying discounts. Feel free to contact me with any questions. All of my items are original and copyright protected and made in U.S.A, Los Angeles California.


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